Babywearing Dance Classes

Hey Ladies,

I just found out about a baby wearing class offered by the nest. Super awesome! Wear your baby and Dance your way to a happy day!! 🙂 They have room for Drop ins next week if you want to just try it out.

Mondays 3:30 – 4:30 until november 12th

667 Stafford Stnest baby wearing dance class


Pregnancy and Nutrition

Some woman have the unfortunate experience of not being able to really stomach anything while pregnant. Especially during the 1st trimester, when nausea is prominent.

A common aversion is meat. Not to worry moms, you are able to still provide your little one with all the nutrition you need by eating a vegetarian diet. Hummus, beans, nuts and even tofu ( pad thai?? mmm yumm) in small amounts are more than good enough to take the place of a steak, hamburger, chicken breast or ham.

According to the Word Health Organization

“A healthy diet is one that is based mainly on plant foods. Therefore it is important to eat lots of vegetables, fruits, bread, potatoes, pasta,
cereals, beans and lentils accompanied by only relatively small amounts of:  low fat milk, cheeses, kefir and yogurts; fish, lean red meats, and poultry. Whenever possible try to get locally grown vegetables and fruits, especially when they are in season. These can be less expensive, more nutrient dense, fresh and safe from contamination”

You really only need to eat 200-300 extra calories a day from the 3rd month on which can be a handful of nuts an egg and about 4 tbsp of hummus. So if you aren’t scarfing down everything in site, not to worry!

The serving sizes of each food group for pregnant woman are as follows

6-11 servings of breads and cereals. It sounds like a lot but really, one serving is one slice of bread. Try to keep these to whole grains to keep the chances of constipation lower 🙂


At least 5 servings of Fruit and Vegetables


3 servings of Dairy


2 servings of meat, fish, bean group

Click the link below and Print this little guy and post on your fridge to help keep in mind what you need to be consuming on a daily basis.



Wish you could give birth at The Farm?

As many birth junkies do, I often fantasize about what working on The Farm with Ina May Gaskin would be like. What it would be like as a labouring mom. I often wish I lived near by in order to be able to experience it myself. I may one day just take a road trip and hang out there for the day soaking up all the powerful mamma energy that must be hanging around.

I was surprised to find this article was published by the stir as I often find thier articles are written for shock value (not usually the good kind), but this is a great one told from a woman (a physician for that matter) who chose to give birth on The Farm. My favorite quote out of this so far,

“For so long this is how birth happened, in a candlelit room with a group of women sitting and waiting, saying encouraging words when needed and staying quiet when the laboring woman needs to focus.”


It was so great to be at The Farm with no one coming in to check vital signs every hour or noise from the hallway waking up the baby or other such hospital nonsense. We got to relax together and get to know one another. “

and most importantly


” Trust your body and yourself. Be educated, be safe, and be realistic, but you don’t have to believe everything you hear about birth in the mainstream media. For most women, pregnancy and birth is not an illness to be managed. As a pregnant woman, you are so strong and powerful. Birth is not something that needs to be feared, but rather is an experience to embrace and enjoy. Find the practitioner and the birth location that will help you live that.”

The article again can be found here. Give it a read.


ina may the farm



The Latch

Just hearing the word latch can make brand new moms cringe.

It can be take some gearing up to do when your starting out and its not comfortable to say the least.

Seeing a lactation consultant and attending breastfeeding groups is really key to success when breastfeeding. Surrounding yourself with successful supportive breast feeders does wonders, but if you are stuck in the middle of the night what do you do?

Check out the videos on the international breastfeeding site Here There are all sorts of good drinkers, nibblers mother led latching. 10 hour old breastfeeders, cup feeding as well as finger feeding if needed.

This video below is of a really good drinker.

Let your baby choose its birth date

I know, you are tired and so ready to meet that sweet little babe. But here are some of the many reasons you should wait and let your bambino choose thier birthday.

baby choose birth date

Mamma’s got her groove back

Are you shocked to realize how very sexual you are feeling now that you’re pregnant?

It took me by surprise at first too but boy did I enjoy it! It didn’t last the whole pregnancy and it came in waves for me, and may do the same for you. Enjoy this while you can because you may soon become too tired for a while after the baby is born. Think of it like stocking up for the winter! 😉

Rock n Roll Doula from North East Doulas in New York talks about why that is heredo-not-disturb2_1367621i.

PAYPAL coming soon

I have been asked if I take Credit cards of various types. Unfortunately I didn’t at the time however now I do!

I am going to be set up with a pay pal account in the coming weeks and will be able to accept all forms of payment.




Why do I end up cooking in undies most days??

This is why!! Happens ALL THE TIME! Not always because of the kids mind you, I have a problem with coffee and it ALWAYS ending up on my clothing.

moms outfits

Versatile Poncho

I love this poncho!

I no longer breastfeed and at first glance thought it was just a cool top/scarf.

Its also a nursing cover. Now ladies I am a strong believer in NOT HAVING TO cover up while you breastfeed. That being said I know a lot of moms personally who don’t feel comfortable bearing breast in public.

I think I may just purchase one to give as a gift to new mom friends of mine who may feel shy about breastfeeding in public, and who like to look stylish.

Check out PeekaBoobtique on etsy to get one if you want to cover up while breastfeeding or just like it as something to wear like me!

infinity scarf poncho etsy

Gone are the days of mumu’s and shapeless shifts

There are so many cute pregnancy clothes now I often find myself wishing i was pregnant again. I miss the super comfy stretch jeans and now there are so many more great options. Check out these great ensembles…..fasoin 1 fasion3 fasion 2 If I could get the third outfit right now.. I would be in it all summer!       pictures and post used with permission from bump maternity